This month we had our 2nd Rowad Global Meetup in Amman and our guest that evening was Adeeb Qasem, founder of BlockOne Incubator.

The Yemeni community in Amman is pretty active and the meetup consisted of around 16 men and women from different backgrounds who came together to discuss the entrepreneurship scene in Sana'a and the unique challenges that Yemenis face in Amman in terms of entrepreneurship.

After a round of introductions and discussions about individual projects in Amman, Adeeb gave us an overview about what's happening in Yemen with regards to the startup scene and how the entrepreneurs are overcoming the obstacles in their every day lives in Yemen. The various projects that are taking off in Yemen despite the situation gives us a glimpse of what Yemeni entrepreneurs are capable of.   

In Amman, entrepreneurs are trying to find their footing and utilize the resources available to them. For our next meetup, we will focus on one obstacle Yemenis in Amman are facing and will invite a guest speaker that could offer insight and solutions to that issue. 

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